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The Reverse-Roadmap Approach

Roundie Town isn't about making big promises and failing to deliver. We're about surprise, delight, and building fun things!

August 2023


Big plans for August 2023! Look out for some new experiences, a Dialect sticker pack,re-written universal bots anyone can install, cool events, and fun prizes!

July 2023

The Honey Hive

We expanded the Fish Monger area of our website. Roundies can trade in $MACKEREL, $TROUT, or $WALLEYE to redeem special mints for fishing-related NFT game items. The first of these game items is the Honey Hive, a special NFT designed to ward off the Excited Bear, and prevent him from stealing anything caught in Roundie Pond.

June 2023

Fungible Fish SPL Tokens

We launched 3 SPL tokens that Roundies can catch in Roundie Pond: $MACKEREL, $TROUT, and $WALLEYE

June 2023

Roundie Town Bank

We built and released Roundie Town Bank, a free SPL token transfer utility for holders.

May 2023

Post Office & The Judgemental Owl

We built the Roundie Town Post Office! Holders can use this NFT transfer tool free of charge, to send multiple NFTs to any other Solana wallet. We also released the dastardly Judgemental Owl. This annoying owl watches airdrops, and snatches any he feels he deserves to have more than the recipient. Roundies can throw their Ole Boot NFTs at him in the Discord, to get him to drop their stuff.

April 2023

Suspicious Snek & The Antidote

Roundies need to keep on the lookout for the Suspicious Snek, a new forest frienemy that bites Roundies if they disturb it's natural habitat. If bitten, poisoned Roundies can mint a limited Antidote NFT, which will cure them of their ills.

April 2023

Roundies Dialect Chat

We partnered with Dialect to offer a Roundie Holder only chat and soon-to-be-released mintable Roundies sticker pack!

April 2023

Can Recycling + Well Wishes Renewal

Roundies can trade in 5 Roundie Ale NFTs to reset Well Wishes cards! Roundies can take their reset Well Wish cards to the Well Wishes Discord channel, for a chance to pull a free NFT out of the well!

March 2023

City Hall License Renewal

Roundies can now pay 10 $ROUNDIE + a small fee in SOL to reset their fishing or hunting licenses using our custom Solana transaction confirmation system.

March 2023

The Money Trap

Roundies can use this special item in The Deep Wilds, which will result in an instant catch for any fox chased in a channel where the trap is laid!

February 2023

City Hall

Our first municipal service in City Hall lets Roundies bail themselves out of jail with their hard-earned $ROUNDIE!

February 2023

Gated Community

We overhauled our onboarding and wallet verification strategy and released new profile management tools for users on our website. These adjustments include new APIs that form the foundation of upcoming self-service features for holders.

January 2023

Mint Day!

We minted our main collection on January 27th, 2023. We held 3 phases starting with Baby Roundie holders on 1/25, allowlist token holders on 1/26, and our public mint on 1/27. Now, we keep right on rolling with our unique and fun utilities and experiences!

December 2022

Roundie Town Market v2

We re-launched an honest-to-goodness Auction House market with $ROUNDIE as our currency. Community members can now trade their NFTs safely for more of that sweet, sweet $ROUNDIE!

November 2022

Roundie Pets

My oh my. What's dropping late October/early November? You'll know soon enough, and oh baby, you're gonna love it!

October 2022

Swamp Things!

With two Ole Boot NFTs, users receive the Muck Walker Discord role, and can access The Swamp. For a few $ROUNDIE, community members can now mint the Swamp Rod: a use-as-much-as-you-want item. Players fish for swamp critters to compete for points. At the end of the month, players in the top 20-ish will be entered to receive an upcoming array of prizes! It's gonna be good!

September 2022

Well Wishes!

Auto-airdrops are kind of our thing, so we wanted to expand the scope of that by giving away NFTs from other projects to our holders! Well Wishes is a single-use NFT that users can play in the Discord for a random NFT from our prize pool!

August 2022

Jury Duty!

As we rolled out various twists on our current experiences, we rolled out a new one: Jury Duty! Woodland creatures have become something of a group of frenemies for our community. The Fox Lawyer and Judge Excited Bear are putting Roundies on trial! Fortunately, our community is the jury. Participants can decide the outcome, get $ROUNDIE for it, and even file lawsuits themselves with the Order In The Court card!

May-Present 2022

Roundie Gear Playing Cards

Drawing inspiration from classic board games, Roundie Gear playing cards are NFTs that community members can use right in Discord to: assign or remove roles for themselves or other players, change the behavior of other cards, and kick off games and other in-Discord experiences. Let your self out of jail, help a buddy get well enough to check out of the hospital, go on a hunting expedition, go fishing, and the list keeps growing. We'll be rolling out cards periodically! This here is an idea factory!

May 2022

Roundie Town Market & Roundie Gear NFTs

Accepting $ROUNDIE as a currency, our custom market let's users purchase Roundie Gear: NFTs that augment Discord experiences by making it easier to catch Foxes in the Fox Hunt, and unlock new channels in Discord!

April 2022

Implemented Staking Alternative; Passive Rewards System

A custom automated wallet snapshot and airdrop delivery system began sending rewards to holders with Baby Roundies and Roundie Vault Keys in the same wallet, every Friday. It's payday!

April 2022

Custom Wallet Verification

Allowing users to claim ownership of their registered wallets and receive community roles helps us support, reward, and engage holders!

April 2022

Released 1,111 Roundie Vault Keys NFTs

These are the mechanism by which we provide rewards to holders, our roundie twist on staking! Holders with Baby Roundies and Vault Keys in the same wallet qualify for weekly $ROUNDIE rewards.

April 2022

Added Rarity & Difficulty System to the Fox Hunt

This is the first of many native game mechanics you'll find in Roundies games. Catch common, rare, mythic, and legendary critters in The Wilds!

April 2022

Created the $ROUNDIE SPL Token

$ROUNDIE is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain. It's the measure of community member's success and involvement in Roundie Town.

April 2022

Built Our First Custom Discord Experience: The Fox Hunt

An annoyingly cute fox evades players by jumping through various channels in our Discord. If you catch it, you win a prize!

March 2022

Instituted the Daily !Hey-Pal Giveaway

We started to giveaway free Roundies NFTs every day, beginning with 100 Baby Roundies!

March 2022

Minted and Launched the Baby Roundies

A 100-piece collection we created, minted, and gave away to our early community members. Holders will receive 2 Roundies (our upcoming main collection), for free at mint.

February 2022

Created Custom Allowlist Signup & Distribution System

Our custom Discord bot accepts Solana wallet addresses for our flagship mint, and auto-airdrops our mint pass to allowlisted users!

January 2022

Project Launch!

We opened the doors to Roundie Town and started work on The Roundies! The community voted and decided we'd mint 2,222 Roundie NFTs on the Solana blockchain!